Tuesday, July 7, 2009
The Dance of Lost Souls
Seems like everyone has an aim in life recently. I spoke with 2 close friends recently and both of them had a clear vision in their head of what they are aiming to do in the near future. Right now I feel like a primary school kid who has just been given an essay entitled "Where I am going to be 5 years from now" and right now this primary school kid is scratching his head with a blank piece of paper in front of him clueless as to how to start.

Most of my friends who entered school with me have had a clear aim in life even before they started schooling. Friends I met at internships have compiled a glowing CV complete with what they expect their future employers to look out for in anticipation of entering a career they always dreamed of.

I had hoped that by becoming a piece of wood adrift at sea, I would eventually wash ashore on land one day. A few years on I have only succeeded in becoming lost further out at sea with not the faintest inkling as to which way to go.

It is at the point when you are lost in a dense jungle that you are presented with a dilemma. You can sit down and ponder about which direction to take but you might never decide and you might never get out. Or you can head towards one direction wishing for the best but if it is the wrong way, you might be headed on an end from which there is no return.
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Monday, March 9, 2009
Pays not to be a Mr. Nice Guy
You reach out a hand to those you think are in need. You genuinely want to help them and what do they do? They bite the hand that feeds them. Ignorant fools and idiots. What do they stand to gain by acting on their insecurity manifested in their suspicion that everyone is out to get them. Absolutely nothing. One walks in with nothing but good intentions in mind and ends up getting ripped apart. Nothing but a nice dose of justice I assure you.

The world is plenty of idiots nowadays. There are idiots who believe whatever people say and there are bigger idiots who act purely on suspicion without thinking. Finally, the biggest idiots are those who act on impulses. Oh no, those "idiots" are definitely not some people from a random barbarian tribe. Who are they? Just your average "educated" person trained to think "logically".

No use being a Mr. Nice Guy when everyone thinks you are the bastard. No use being a Mr. Nice Guy when you suffer for your kind gestures. No use being a Mr. Nice Guy when all people do is take advantage of you. If you can't beat them, then join them. Be a bastard.
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Friday, February 6, 2009
Been a long time since I actually wrote something here: guess I didn't feel a need to. Not that I feel anything now either but oh well boredom can take it's toll on you. Nothing weird's happening in my life now except for some hormonal imbalances at certain times of the day (Men's version of the period lol).

On another note, going to school now is becoming more and more of a bore. Perhaps the initial excitement of having to meet new people in new places is dying down. Are people around me looking more distant or perhaps it is the other way around? Hmm? Weird thinking, must be the emo time of the day again lol. Next sem might become even more boring with more people in school flying off to exchange spots around the world.
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Thursday, August 14, 2008
a series of unfortunate events
my pocket seems to have an uncanny habit of dropping expensive stuff that is less than one year old:

Ipod 30gb video - Lost Dec 2007

Laptop Battery - Lost Jan 2008

UM1 earphones - Lost 14th August 2008
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Frosted Glass
Ever looked at a person, smiled and immediately strike up a conversation about anything and everything, all in all acting like his/her close friend except that you are not a close friend. In fact, you hardly know this person at all other than the face and the name. Your conversation topics are picked very carefully after studying this person, and encompass everything that this person would potentially be interested in responding to. Forming acquaintances? Networking? Whatever you want to call it, it's a necessary evil in the society we live in. Well I won't denounce it as evil more than tiring. Often, you have to hide your true self and become whoever that other person demands you to be. Takes a lot of effort to be holding a mask up to your face all the time and only those with the most social stamina can take such a beating.

Strange thing is that the other person is probably doing the same thing too! So if everyone is doing the same thing, then the end result would no doubt be that everyone would behave in a similar fashion. No wonder everyone behaves in that similar robotic fashion at almost every social event.

Kind of reminds you of modern day chat rooms. You talk to people you might not have had much contact with. All you know about them are their nick names or their display pictures. If they are not interested in what you are saying or if they don't know how to respond to your statement they often reply with a 'haha' or 'lol'. Much easier than in this context when you have to think of a generic answer to appease the other party like "I see" or "that's really sad man" or "I feel for you" or even "I'm really sorry" when you might not understand or care about what they are saying.

Don't be quick to denounce someone you see doing this "social activity" as FAKE for you probably are guilty of the same crime to a certain extent yourself.
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Wednesday, August 13, 2008
Time is Running Out
Ever wondered how some people do it? What? Oh just about squeeze 1000000 things into a day. Ever thought to yourself: now how the f*** does he/she do that? Oh so you think it's time management. You then go pack your timetable to the max with all those activities and to your horror you can't seem to stick to it no matter how you try. So you wonder to yourself: how does that person complete all those tasks in 1/2 the time you take to perform them? Is it a question of time? But that can't be the answer because you and all other mortals on Earth have been granted 24 hours of time by some higher power. Unless of course God forgot to mention that time passes differently for everyone. So maybe that person's 24 hours is equivalent to your 48 hours?
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Wednesday, July 23, 2008
The Only Constant
Sad how people you know drift in and out of your life even though you try your best to hold on to them. Seems quite silly when you think about how you declare you and your best girlfriends to be BFFs (Best Friends Forever) as kids. But all the same it's rather sad when you know that after 15 years when everyone has gone their separate ways, all you can say to them if you bump into them is an "Ohai!". That is, if you even recognise them.

Sad thing is that it doesn't only happen to little kids who grow up. Perhaps thinking about this has made me understand why people actually cry when they send their best friend who's going off to study overseas at the airport. I used to laugh at them for turning this small affair into a funeral but I realise now that they are not crying because they are saying goodbye to that person for a long time but saying goodbye to their best friend forever. Like it or not, that person who left will gradually lose significance in their lives until he/she becomes a distant memory of the past or a mere chat buddy on MSN or Facebook.

My cousin's nick on MSN was: treasure each day for yesterday would not come again

My first initial reaction was to tell him how incredibly cliche that nick sounded; seems as though he plucked it off the book-of-what-old-wise-men-would-say. Now I realise how incredibly true this statement is when you talk of the time you spend with your friends.

Every moment you spend with your friends is precious. Next time you go out with your clique, take some time to appreciate the moments that they are spending with you as your close friends. There is no telling how many more of such moments you would spending with any of these people as your good friends.

People drift out of your life after each phase of your life is over to be replaced by new ones. Of the people who have left your life forever, treasure the memories you have of them for that's all that's left.
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